PUBGM 4th Anniversary ​– AR treasure hunt

Player Unknown Battleground Mobile (“PUBGM”) is one of the world’s highest-grossing mobile games under the technology and entertainment conglomerate, Tencent Group. Published by Proxima Beta of Level Infinite, a Tencent subsidiary, the brand sought to further boost its market share in the key European countries of Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, Romania, Sweden, UK – both by gaining new daily users and converting existing users on other platforms to the mobile game. PUBGM’s fourth anniversary presented a natural opportunity for the campaign to invite players to join in the celebration.

The ultimate result was an adventurous player experience that seamlessly blended real and virtual worlds. Pico was appointed to conceptualise, design and develop the project’s web app, and design and develop its AR treasure hunt.



Research into the target audience of Gen Z and younger millennials revealed that they sought opportunities to socialise and express themselves in the gaming world. What emerged was an end-to-end digital-first engagement with augmented reality (AR) technology designed to attract PUBGM users’ participation in a web-based campaign and drive them towards downloads.


Users who caught the buzz of the initial social media campaign were invited to experience a web-based ‘PUBGM 4th Dimension’ interplanetary world game. With their mobile phones, they could access the PUBGM app page and activate AR markers in seven cities, with each marker signifying an ‘airdrop’. Real and virtual worlds collided to create an ‘interplanetary experience’ as players hunted down key elements of the PUBGM narrative, finding the airdrops to trigger in-game prizes and new game downloads. 

Cultural, language and consumer behaviour differences between the campaign’s key markets meant that much localisation was required. The project team engaged local influencers in each market to ensure inclusivity and call on participation from consumers for the campaign. To spur repeat visits to the platform, each market also had leadership board for friendly competition between players. The top three scorers stood a chance for physical prizes such as an iPhone 13, as well as meet-and-greets with local influencers. The platform also offered a ‘Tag a friend’ feature that enabled users to invite others to play, thereby building a vibrant PUBGM community. 


By leveraging technology and gaming mechanics, the campaign succeeded in attracting its target market across a wide swathe of Western Europe during a period of lockdown. 

  • 20 million+ overall impressions from influencers and media
  • Some 50,000 unique visitors on campaign website
  • 1.9+ million sessions
  • Average online duration of 3.25 hours
  • The campaign monitor’s research indicated an average landing page conversion rate of 2.35%, with the total conversion rate landing at 32.3%.



“The campaign successfully gathered gamers across Europe to celebrate the fourth anniversary of PUBG Mobile, expanding our customer base. Our thanks go to the Pico team’s innovative ideas and digital and AR expertise, which engaged players in a creative way and enabled them to join the fun anytime, anywhere” – Shel Xie, Europe National Manager, Proxima Beta of Level Infinite