Oman Across Ages Museum

Commissioned by the country’s Royal Court of Affairs, the Oman Across Ages Museum is both an architectural and cultural landmark. Since its opening in 2023, its pavilions, galleries and extensive exhibits have provided Omanis and a growing influx of tourists with a world-class resource detailing Oman’s rich heritage and fascinating economic development.

The Pico team were appointed for the design, technical development, fabrication and installation of the Museum’s permanent History and Renaissance galleries and their displays, including audiovisual hardware and software, hybrid interactives and more.


To deliver an immersive and engaging visitor experience with a powerful sense of Oman’s environment and history, the Pico team presented the displays dynamically and interactively using various combinations of 4D experience, projection mapping, VR/AR and gamification. Interactive technologies such as motion sensors, IR cameras and frames, touchscreens, etc, throughout some 20 pavilions in the permanent galleries also helped bring a fresh and enticing experience to the public.


Visitors to the museum are guided through an educational journey of time and space via a series of pavilions in the History and Renaissance galleries, with each pavilion dedicated to a distinct period or theme. Some of highlights of the journey include:


VR/AR immersion

Visitors to the Renaissance Gallery immerse themselves in VR versions of historical architecture which would be inaccessible in the real world. For the History Gallery’s Early Settlers Pavilion, Pico created an AR experience in which visitors can rotate screen panels to see a wide range of overlays on a full-scale physical model of settler huts.


360-degree 4D cinema

The Renaissance Gallery features a 4D cinema designed to sweep audiences along an immersive journey of Oman’s economic development. The 360-degree film is accompanied by a synchronised moving floor and an orchestral soundtrack with voiceover, providing an engaging 4D experience for all the senses.


Gamified interactions

Entertainment goes hand-in-hand with education in both galleries as visitors engage in a variety of physical and hybrid interactive games. Featuring tech such as IR cameras and frames, leap motion sensors and touchscreens, popular games enable users to build their own ship, design an aflai irrigation system, sculpt pottery, craft jewellery and henna designs and more. 


Tessellated walls

The team developed a 3D model, mockups and held several trials to create a multi-node tessellated walls structure as a contemporary representation of Omani mountain ranges. Projection mapping enables the wall surfaces to display information in the History Gallery.


Flying Ribbon

A key feature of the History Gallery is the suspended Flying Ribbon structure that serves as a display surface for 12 projectors presenting the story of Islam in Oman. With only two anchor points, the Ribbon’s development was especially challenging and required the team to develop a bespoke composite system for the structure.


“Pico used their extensive knowledge to take two permanent galleries from design and build to on-site set-up. With their spectacular mix of modern technologies such as 4D, virtual/augmented reality and projection mapping, visitors enjoy an experience-led and people-centric narrative journey through time”Mr Yaqdhan, Director General , Oman Across Ages Museum